21 May

What Failing in Sales Taught Me About Life

  For years, I never considered myself to be the sales type. Due to the limitations to what I thought I could do, I held myself back from success and even worse, learning important lessons about life. I wasn’t cut out to sell stuff, I thought. I’m more introverted than extroverted. I prefer a quiet [...]

31 Mar

Hiring a front-end developer

We’re growing! We’re a totally remote team and we’re profitable. If you’re not familiar with us, our main product is a Chrome Extension for sales and prospecting teams to instantly update their CRM from the places they work: Gmail, Social Networks etc. You can find out more at our website: www.ecquire.com We’ve got new features and [...]

09 Oct

6 Reasons Why I Miss My Dumbphone

I joined the 21st century fairly recently when I finally got my first iPhone. Till then I’d been using a “feature phone” – which is a polite way of saying dumb$@%#phone. Yes, I’m the cofounder of a tech company – and yes, I carried around that candy-orange, complimentary Samsung phone that AT&T gave out circa 2006. You [...]

07 Oct

Our Information Diet

  Lately I’ve become more aware of what I eat. I’ve learned to aim for “real” foods, that are complex and wholesome. I’ve learned about sugars, white flour, and processed foods – how a calorie obtained from these is not the same as a calorie from nuts, fruits, or an egg. Both kinds of food [...]

01 Oct

What the Best Say About Boards

One of the dangers for startups is that we hang out with other startups. There are complicated dynamics we don’t have experience with and it’s not often that we have access to very successful executives that have been there and done it a number of times. One of those complicated items is a board of [...]

23 Sep

Pipedrive, meet Ecquire

We know you’re busy so we’re gonna just use pictures. The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Ecquire, ladies and gentlemen, is now integrated with Pipedrive. When you download Ecquire and select Pipedrive, you’ll be asked to authenticate with Pipedrive with your Pipedrive Credentials. And as always, don’t worry, we don’t see or [...]

12 Sep

Leave Nothing to Chance – Tactics to Super Power Your Launch

Guest blog post by Maeghan Smulders, Hype & Communications at PasswordBox Less than two weeks after launch, PasswordBox had surpassed Gmail as the #1 productivity app, reached the top two trending apps in the Google Play store and saw the user base grow from a few hundred thousand beta users to almost a million active [...]

26 Jun

Sneaky Smart MVP

A Sneaky Smart MVP by Zenlike    David Quail was the cofounder of Atassa which he sold to Yousendit.  In thinking about his next venture you’d think a successful  entrepreneur and accomplished engineer would jump into building and testing his next hypothesis over the next few months with a patent pending type of code base.   Nope. [...]