Great stuff happens when nerds try to vacation.


What is N.O.V.?

NoV started when three startup tech companies tried to take a vacation together. Angrily watching three CTOs feverishly coding and geeking out together instead of surfing, Paul exclaimed, “hey nerds! You're on vacation.” Turns out it was an unintentionally productive weekend in between the beach, surfing, awesome dinners and a few thousand beers. Come join us this year in Tofino, BC. It was so good last year we’re going back.

Eat, surf, kayak, kick it on the beach, write code, fish or golf. You’ll feel good about taking a vacation for once. Dont worry, there’s no liability forms to sign so you don't have to read anything.

Come for a night or two and stay at this joint

You comin’ or what?

Check out our calendar for availability and fill out the form below to let us know when you would like to come!

Bring whatever you want except Pajamas cause you won’t need them. Each nerd will get a customized NoV one piece pajama suit equipped with booties and trap door.

Thanks! We’ve got your request and will be in touch.